Domestic Relationship testing

Relationship fidelity issues?

Having problems or suspicions with a spouse or loved one? Suspect cheating?  Suspect irresponsibility with handling or hiding money transactions? Suspect addictions, gambling, drugs, pornography?

Is your spouse or loved one suspicious of you or falsely accusing you of similar thing?

When trust is in question the relationship is in peril.

Allied Polygraph Services, LLC can help resolve these issues, either to uncover an ugly truth or to reveal ones innocents.

But getting to the truth is just part of the equation, the relationship needs answers. Would this endeavor be to repair the relationship or just to hang something on the partner?

If the couple is serious about salvaging their relationship, they should seek marriage counseling. We highly encourage it and Allied Polygraph Services, LLC, in some circumstances, will not do testing unless the couple is in counseling.

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